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Somaliland Diaspora Office

Background Information & Functions

The Republic of Somaliland has large Diaspora population roughly estimated 1,000,000   mainly spread across Western Europe, North America, GCC Countries, North & East Africa, and Australia as well. According to the history, Somalilanders in the Diaspora have for all time maintained strong links with home, and to the present time have more active role than making remittances but also evermore continued useful involvements more in the private sector, trade & investment and reconstruction of the country. The Somaliland Diaspora had meaningful roles in the regaining of Somaliland’s sovereignty, peacebuilding and reinstating processes, the political transition and the constitutional development as well as growth of the democratic system that Somaliland has enjoyed since last couple decades.


Founded in 2010, Somaliland Diaspora Office under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation of the Republic of Somaliland is mandated to work with the Diaspora, coordinate and provide framework for better engagement, maximize role and contribution of the Diaspora to more economic, social and political development of the nation through laying necessary regulatory frameworks, policies, and applicable mechanisms that can best serve the sector. In the main, SLDO is established to serve as a bridge between the Diaspora and the origin country of Somaliland and provides related services in cooperation with the Diaspora, Somaliland Government, Host Countries and all pertinent stakeholders.


SLDO has connections and mutual communication with the existing Diaspora community committees, associations, charity organizations and activists in the most of the key host countries in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. We closely work with the Diaspora Committees/Focal Points, Volunteers, the Diaspora-led Charity Organizations, Somaliland Ambassadors/Representatives abroad, different concerned ministries, and other public and private stakeholders for the purpose of achieving goals and national priorities through the Diaspora engagement, and by implementing strategies and interventions that can support the sector development with alignment to the National Development Plan II (2017-2021).




Vision statement:

  • Establish well-functioning organization that mobilizes, coordinates, and integrates Somaliland Diaspora efforts to foster development in Somaliland, bring political stability and economic prosperity through engagement with the Diaspora Community.


Mission statement:

  • Support and facilitate Somaliland Diaspora to contribute to social, economic, technological and political development of Somaliland through laying regulatory policies and strategic framework, and facilitating services for better engagement working in partnership with the Diaspora Communities, Government, Humanitarian and Development Agencies abroad and in Somaliland to tackle poverty and promote social justice;
  • Establish a well-functioning organization that mobilizes, coordinates and integrates Somaliland Diaspora efforts to foster development in Somaliland and Diaspora communities abroad, and bring political stability and economic prosperity to Somaliland through proper engagement of the Diaspora Community.


 Strategic Objectives not limited but include the following: 

  • Draw up and develop essential regulatory policies, and mechanisms for better practices in coordinating, integrating and engaging Diaspora in the national development of Somaliland;
  • Enhance and maximize Diaspora contribution to accelerated development programs of Somaliland, harnessing and combining all efforts in an adequate planning strategy which fits in the policy of matching interests of active partners in the area;
  • Enhance unity, cooperation, networking and contribution of Somaliland Diaspora communities abroad;
  • Conduct lobbying and create better cooperation and understanding among Diaspora in general, hosting countries and Somaliland on economic, cultural and social development sectors and on other issues of common interests;
  • Mobilize Somalilanders abroad as active and cooperative communities with linkages to homeland, and as active representatives in promoting and protecting the interests of Somaliland abroad;
  • Mobilize Somaliland Diaspora to advance the Somaliland cause.