Mandatory Roles

SLDA is mandated to work with the Diaspora, coordinate and provide framework for their engagement, maximize role of the Diaspora and their contribution to more economic, social and political development of the nation through laying necessary regulatory frameworks, policies, strategies, awareness, researches etc that best serve the sector.

SLDA has its legal status and personality in accordance of the bill on the Establishment of the Somaliland Diaspora Agency, which has been passed by the Executive Council/Cabinet of the Government of Somaliland   in June 2017 and in process for the Somaliland Legislative Council. The existence of this Agency signifies the government of Somaliland accords that Somaliland’s Diaspora engagement is actualization of coordination and cooperation of SLDC worldwide, with the focus of protecting and promoting their interest at first and secondly engaging them into national development agenda in Somaliland (NDP II 2017-2021), which has high political and economic importance in the country.

The lessons learned from other countries in Africa showed that the high level of politicization and personalization of efforts lowered the level of Diaspora engagement. The government is committed to zero level of tolerance for any attempt of politicization and personalization of the implementation of the policy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation is the line Ministry of Somaliland Diaspora Agency. HE Dr. Saad Ali Shire, Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation of the Republic of Somaliland who cut the ribbon for the official  opening of the newly built SLDA Office in January, 2017 declared his readiness to support and protect the interests of Somaliland Diaspora. The Minister pointed out in many occasions the vital role of Somalilanders abroad and that they have for a long time remained resourceful contribution to the country’s rebuilding, reinstating, investing and economic development of the country; and that they should not be regarded as foreigners but as the citizens of Somaliland who only for certain circumstances immigrated abroad and are still connected to their homeland.

Diaspora Registration

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