SLDA functions and the Key Services we offer Include:

  • Facilitate services and guidance to the Diaspora at home;
  • Organize policy dialogue, consultations and information sharing workshops, conferences and events towards boosting the Diaspora engagement in the homeland development;
  • Facilitate connections of the Diaspora contributors and the community projects and prioritized needs;
  • Give information and raise awareness of the Diaspora in the situation of the country I.e. investment opportunities, national policies and plans, priorities and emergencies;
  • Mobilize the Diaspora to advance the Somaliland cause;
  • Register information of the Diaspora processionals when come home and through online registration (;
  • Register and guide Diaspora volunteers, refer them to the concerned ministries and public institutions, facilitate and help their placements;
  • Go to round trips to give information to the Diaspora, raise their awareness and consult with them abroad;
  • Organize summer programs;
  • Celebrate National Diaspora Day annually and organize related events;
  • Recognize and award the best Diaspora contributors on annual basis;
  • Conduct surveys and assessments upon the Diaspora contribution and projects as well as existing priorities and needs the Diaspora can help;
  • Advocate for the interests and needs of the Diaspora when they are at home including those interested in investing businesses etc;
  • Collect information from the Diaspora at the national airports when coming as well as on returning to get feedback from them.
Diaspora Registration

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