Active Projects

MoFA&IC Diaspora Engagement Initiative:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation of the Republic of Somaliland in cooperation with the key concerned Ministries, the other Government Bodies with relevance to the issue of the Diaspora engagement as well as the Somaliland Diaspora Community and in compliance with clear instructions of the Hon. Minister, Yasin H, Mohamud (Faratoon); is in the process for the proper implementation of the Diaspora Engagement Initiative which consists of different components including finalization of the long waited Diaspora Policy & Strategic Framework, Research & Profiling Diaspora Information, Establishing Diaspora Trust Fund, and Formalizing Incentives to the Diaspora in certain areas.


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Diaspora-supported Community Projects:

There are a number of Diaspora-led charitable groups in various countries abroad who are engaged in raising funds mainly in kind resources particularly to contribute to the As Usual Every Year Projects and the Programs designed for the Diaspora Philanthropic Initiatives including the Diaspora Serve Health (DISH) under which the dedicated Somalianders in the Diaspora bring containers of health supplies and used medical supplies from the host countries they are resident. For such projects, there are presently activities ongoing in different countries in Europe, North America, Australia and some of the GCC Countries. And there are other activists of the Diaspora who are working on raising funds and resources for the Diaspora Help Disable Hope Program in order to help the disadvantaged people with disabilities in Somaliland mainly the visually disabled and the hearing impaired community as well as the Local Non-profit Organizations serving the disabled people within the country.


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Contribute to Active Communal Projects in Somaliland:


  1. Roads Constructions:
  2. Burao-Erigavo Road,
  3. Hargeisa-InaGuha Road,
  4. Burao-Oodweyne-Hargeisa Road,
  5. Hargeisa-Elsheikh Road,
  6. Hargeisa-Balligubadle road,
  7. Allaybaday-Arabsiyo Road,
  8. Faraweine-Hargeisa Road,


Your affordable contribution is so helpful to the success of these projects:

No Project Account Number
1 Burao-Erigavo Road  
3 Hargeisa-InaGuha Road  
4 Burao-Odweine-Hargeisa Dahabshiil No: 11491,  Salaama Bank 60093686
5 Hargeisa-Elsheikh Road (Dawgacad)  Dahabshiil No: HRGD20860

  ZAAD No: 4733993

5 Hargeisa-Balligubadle  Dahabshiil No: 33033

ZAAD No: 4809999 

6 Allaybaday-Arabsiyo Road ZAAD: 4640001
7  Faraweine-Hargeisa Road




Contact Somaliland Diaspora Office at  or  for any further information you may need or a question to ask for clarification.

NOTE: Both  the charity organizations and individuals of the Somaliland Diaspora who contribute to any active project or other community/public need in Somaliland should inform the Somaliland Diaspora Office in written communication to the above emails to report us their donation to the country, and to help us profiling of the  Diaspora role and achievements information.


Contact Focal Point Persons of Implementing Committees of the Active Projects

No Project Contact Person Contact details
1 Burao-Erigavo Road Ms Sadia Muse Ahmed Tel: +252 63 4427170


2 Hargeisa-Sallahley Road Sh. Mohamed Ali Gedi




3 Burao-Odweine-Hargeisa Road Project Mr. Abdikarim Aw Raalli Tel: +252 63 4463044


4 Hargeisa-Elsheikh Road (Dawgacad) Mr. Abdilkader Hashi Elmi Tel: +252 63 4410293


5 Hargeisa-Balligubadle    Tel:


6 Allaybaday-Arabsiyo Road   Mr. Muse Yusuf Muhumed Tel: +252 63 4427226


7 Hargeisa-Faraweine Road