Visa Services & Authentication

Authentication of Documents at MoFA&IC Consular Section.

The Consular Section under the Protocol Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation (MoFAIC) is responsible for the service of authentication of various important documents upon verifying fulfillment of the procedural requirements prior to the Ministry and  

 The Somaliland MoFA&IC authenticates various documents issued within the country and which are intended for use in overseas countries and the documents created abroad and intended for use in Somaliland while attesting the signature/stamp on the document as accurate, true, and genuine in close collaboration with the Legal Department and the Diaspora Office of the Ministry in order to make sure accuracy and legality of all the documents received before processed for authentication.

Somaliland MoFA&IC Authentication Service, Types of Documents and Requirements.



Foreign Passport
1 Birth Certificate Original,

  • Signature of  the Director General of  the Ministry of Health Development when initially  issued by National Public Hospitals
  • Signature of  Director General of Ministry of Interior when  initially issued by the  Local Government
$3 $10
2 Marriage Certificate Original,

Signature of  the Director Genial of  the Ministry of Justice

$5 $10
3 Death Certificate Original,

Signature of  the Director General of  the Ministry of Justice

$1 $2
4 Education Credentials Original,

Signature of the Director General of the Ministry of Education & Science

$3 $5
5 Court Judgment Original,

Signature of  the Director General of the Ministry of Justice

$5 $7
6 Trade License & Trade Related Documents Original,

Signature of  the Director General of the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Tourism

$40 $70
7 Investment Documents Original,

Signature of the Director General of the Ministry of Investment Promotion

$15 $20
8 Vehicle Movement Permit Original,


$30 $50
9 Business Registration Original,

Signature of  the Chairman of Somaliland Chamber of Commerce

10 Letter  of Authorization Original,

Signature of the Director General of the Ministry of Justice

11 Police Testimony Original,

Signature of  the  Criminal Investment Department (CID)

12 Recommendation Letter Original,

Signature of  the Concerned Statutory Governmental Institutions (MDAs)

SOURCE: Ministry of Finance Development, Republic of Somaliland  

 NOTE: in case you need authentication of MOFA&IC for other documents not listed above, please contact us by emailing to

 Authentication of Documents by the Somaliland Missions abroad.

The Republic of Somaliland withdrew from the failed union of 1960 with the Somali Republic on 18 May 1991 and has been independent country recognized as De Facto State for the past thirty years and properly dealing with the regional and the international community.

Presently the Republic of Somaliland is represented in various foreign countries including Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, UK, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Belgium, France, Turkey, United States, Canada, Taiwan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and China which Somaliland has missions (Diplomatic Missions, Liaison Offices, Trade Missions or other  Representatives). These Missions and Representatives provide consular services in the respective host or receiving countries both to the Somaliland origin nationals, and to the foreigners travelling to or have interests in Somaliland as well.

The Somaliland Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation ensures that visas for foreign nationals wishing to visit Somaliland are issued in an efficient manner, that information and advice about Somaliland is provided to tourists; and that assistance is provided to both the nationals of Somaliland and the foreigners heading to Somaliland.

Authentication of Documents by the Somaliland Missions abroad.

The Somaliland Missions in those countries legalize the various documents including the Letters of Authorization created abroad and so that they will acceptable for use in Somaliland for court cases, succession of property, business or other personal affairs or for other purposes while some of the Representatives in certain countries also collaborate with the established Somaliland Community Associations for such consular service.

 Authentication of Documents by the Somaliland Diaspora Committees abroad.

 Committees of the established Somaliland Diaspora Community Associations or otherwise assigned volunteers make authentication of documents in the various foreign countries in which Somaliland is not politically represented in accordance with set procedure by the Somaliland Diaspora Office under MoFA&IC and per Ministerial Instructions.

Many Somalilanders in the Diaspora sometimes need certain documents to be approved for civil cases they have in the Courts of Somaliland or of other purposes they have in Somaliland, and they at times suffer in access to the right authentication abroad due to the absence of Somaliland diplomatic representation and consular services in the most world states. However, there after the other there has been progress in the presence of political missions or representatives particularly in the Western European countries there are more Somalilanders, North America and in other regions. In addition to that, there several established Somaliland Diaspora Community Associations, Committees and also many committed voluntary activists, goodwill ambassadors and trusted focal points in good will ambassadors, entrusted  independent diplomats for Somaliland among the Somaliland Diaspora communities in more than a few countries who are not only standing to support the community engagement, philanthropy, but also nationalistically taking part improving pertinent services as well as implementation of the foreign public diplomacy strategies of Somaliland in close cooperation with the Diaspora Office under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation.

How can I get my Document authenticated while I live abroad?

 Write your Letter of Authorization from certified Pubic Notary in the foreign country you are resident that is accessible to you in English Language if the native Somali is not possible for you:
  • Contact the nearest Somaliland Office if Somaliland is represented with such a mission or there is representative in that host or receiving country to get your document that is initially issued by Certified Public Notary or your other document; authenticated and approved for use in Somaliland;
  • If you may not find an official representative of Somaliland  in the country you live, then contact the Somaliland Diaspora Community Association Committee for your need of service before sending the Document to the person you have so authorized or for the other reason you want it to used in Somaliland;
  • If there is no established Community Committee or assigned Focal Point, then contact Somaliland Diaspora Office by dialing Tell: +252 63 4403392 or 63 4081527 or emailing to / for us to help you with connection for service;

Note Carefully:

  • When the Document is made at the Diaspora Committee Level, it must contain Signature & Contact Details of the Authorizer, Signature & Stamp of the approving Committee with the Letterhead of the Diaspora Community Association and must be original written in the Native Language, Somali; 
  • If you are resident in a remote place from where the Somaliland Mission or the Community Committee is based, you can contact them by writing email and attaching your Draft Letter of Authorization as they help you electronically and by verifying you online for accuracy and legitimacy. Both the Somaliland Missions and the Diaspora Community Committees who are providing such consular services can authenticate the Documents such as the Letters of Authorizations that are either at first issued from Legal Offices (I.e. Public Notaries) or make the document in their own standard format but for both cases with full verification of the issue for truth and reality;
  • The Person you have authorized should submit original copy of the Document in hand delivery to the Legal Department under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation. Upon quick verification and confirmation, it will be authenticated within one day or 24 hours.

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