Build a House or Other Real Estate

You can only build a house or other type of real estate, or can make some type of modification to it, if you already have the land property FILE. Once you have the FILE, the procedure is very simple and easy as follows:-

 Take your FILE to the District Commission which your land locates (Waaxda/Degmada);
 Complete Land Construction Request Form (Available at the District Office);
 Pay SL Shillings 300,000;
 Take the Land Area Map and be followed by a Geometer to the site to check it is properly in line with the proper town map;
 If it is correct, the Geometer will mark red (Casayn) to approve your plot is in the area map to its accurate dimensions registered in the FILE;
 You can start to build your house;
 Once you build your house, you will have to pay annual tax of between $15 to $40 for small residential houses to large houses and bungalows respectively by the end of each year.