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Somaliland Diaspora Skills Transfer.

Knowledge skills transfer is one of the significant contributions of   the Diaspora to their country of origin. Somaliland Diaspora has engaged in different beneficial areas including education and health services and institutional development at small level. Nevertheless, their volunteerism for the public service delivery and for the societal well-being is still very limited in Somaliland compared to other Africans though we don’t underrate several dedicated members who continually sacrifice their time and proficiency to work on the interests of Somaliland abroad.  Of the 60,000 to 70,000 Somalilanders visiting home every year in the summer season habitually staying short periods of time or 2-3 months include professionals qualified in various fields of education, arts and science. Among them there are youth in their early academic graduation or in their senior years in universities who are interested to have internship opportunities in Somaliland during their vacations and so that to volunteer at MDAs, public service centers and the civil society organizations in order to serve home to acquire service experiences in some cases. There are also retired professionals from the Diaspora who many of them permanently returned and settled home. However, utilization of Diaspora voluntary human resource and expertise is far and wide undersized. There is still low public awareness and so the need to specially educate the statutory institutions as well as the private sector stakeholders is very imperative for the Diaspora engagement efforts.  SLDO makes an effort to introduce importance of promoting and making use of the interested Diaspora skilled volunteerism for the public service functions in cooperation with Ministries, other public institutions and private stakeholders as well presently within the Capital City, Hargeisa. Though limited in number, yet most interested volunteers include young members and over the years we have observed female youth and women from the Diaspora are more willing to volunteer home.

Somaliland Diaspora Volunteer Home (SDVH) Program.

 Most Diaspora physical returns take place on the Summer Season Vacations or within the months May through August. A big number of families with Diaspora-born children, teens and young members visit home most often each year due to their strong connections and cohesion with the homeland and particularly to maintain their ancestoral linkage for the Diaspora young generations, bringing them back to learn or gain knowledge of their origin country, relatives, culture, Somali mother tongue language, religion, local environment, tourism, and opportunities locally available for the people. These nationals returning home every year need assistance and applicable services during their short stay. It is against this objective that the Somaliland Diaspora Office (SLDO) shaped the Somaliland Diaspora Summer Volunteer (SDVS) to facilitate engagement and in the main improve volunteering and internship opportunities for the qualified, the skilled young members, newly graduates and  including teens in their mid or final scholar years. The Program aims to identify appropriate opportunities for the interested volunteers/internees within Ministries, Departments & Agencies (MDAs) and at private institutions too, provide guidance, make referrals for placements for the volunteers/internees and coordinating the process. You can read further information about the SDSV Program through the Frequently Asked Questions under this Diaspora Volunteer Information Booklet.


There are active and creative volunteers who continue volunteering when they go back to host countries. Some of them make fundraising and come up with philanthropic initiatives essentially for the vulnerable groups they have seen such as orphans, people with disabilities, for the health and education services etc and for the needs they have seen and identified during their voluntary service. We work to encourage the thoughtful people like this and believe that such volunteerism is not only useful for the country, but also for the volunteers or internees themselves. Especially, for the Diaspora youth, this is regarded exceptionally helpful and accommodating interaction, experience and learning the local environment.  And on the other hand, it is valuable human resource and voluntary knowhow for the country. The Diaspora Office has information of the public service needs and so that facilitates placements and provides guidance to the Diaspora Volunteer and ensures matching volunteer’s field of knowledge or interest and existing service needs. Upon such volunteering of the Diaspora and on the internship placements as well, SLDA keeps record of the persons volunteered for future communication, coordination and keeping in touch with those kind and caring citizens from the Diaspora.  It is worth mentioning that some of the Diaspora youth in their graduation semesters come to Somaliland to volunteer or do internship within local public institutions and subsequently write their Thesis on country related topic.

Cooperation & Partnerships.

For implementation of the SDSV Program, SLDO works in partnership with MDAs, key public service centers, civil society organizations or both public and private stakeholders. These include Ministries, Departments, Agencies, Hospitals, Universities, Schools, Orphanage & Childcare Centers, Cultural Centers, Local NGOs, Business Companies and other stakeholders. For outreach awareness of the SDSV Program, SLDO works with the Somaliland Missions abroad, Diaspora Community Associations, Diaspora Charities, Volunteers and Activists. The Somaliland Cabinet passed the National Internship Policy in 2019 and thus SLDO is hence cooperating with the concerned Ministry of Employment, Social Affairs & Family and the Civil Service Commission to enable more volunteers from the Diaspora under the auspices of this policy as well as the Employment policy implementation.

Volunteer to engage genuinely and expressively with the local community. Take time with students, teenagers, parents, teachers, and people with disabilities in Somaliland. Explore lifestyles, way of living, culture, tradition and customs in Somaliland.   

Travel around the country and have visits to the most visited tourism sites in Somaliland and enjoying tours to clam and clean beaches, islands, stunning natural environment, mountainous ranges, livestock species, diverse  forest and flora, wildlife, historic rock arts, ancient towns and ports  in Somaliland.

Somaliland Diaspora Volunteer Program TITLES.


Somaliland Diaspora Volunteer Home/SDVH Abbreviated as SDVH it is the main volunteer program intended for encouraging, engaging and making pertinent placements for the Diaspora both the qualified members and the students as well as newly graduates seeking for internship opportunities. The SDVH is not for hiring volunteers for engaging them in unpaid activities to serve home and sacrifice their time, energy, skills and experience to help neediest groups of the society and contribute to the development processes of Somaliland in general.
Diaspora Summer Volunteer/DSV Abbreviated as DSV is simply slogan name of the SDVH during summer vacations.
Intern For Experience/IFE or I4E Abbreviated as IFE or I4E is simply slogan name of DVH particularly for the Diaspora students or the newly graduates who internship opportunities are applicable for.
Volunteer From the Diaspora/VFD Abbreviated as VFD and also referred to as virtual, e-volunteering or online volunteering, is also part of the SDVH which entails distance volunteering while being abroad in host countries through E-volunteering and per given assignments by the Diaspora Office which may include similar assignments of some of the listed above particularly communication, marketing, IT paperwork related, technical assistance, fundraising for prioritized projects and for supplying essentials to deserving needy community groups, assisting mapping and research studies and other Diaspora-oriented activities.
Somaliland Friends Volunteer/SFV or African Volunteer in Somaliland/AVS It is too similar volunteer program intended for the Diaspora and not limited to Somaliland nationals from the Diaspora but allowing members of origin nationalities and the Somaliland Friends are encouraged to have exciting volunteer trips to the Republic of Somaliland.

 Volunteer Storytelling Makes Sense.

At the end of your volunteer assignment or internship placement, write short story of your experience in the volunteering opportunity you had in Somaliland. Volunteer on returning home or volunteer from the Diaspora through distance. Become member of Somaliland Diaspora Dedicated Volunteers under the umbrella of Somaliland Diaspora Engagement Office. 

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