Lunch Meeting with Professional Diaspora Groups

The Diaspora Department under the Ministry of Foreign Affaifrs & International Cooperation of the Republic of Somaliland organized a lunch meeting to which members of the Somaliland Diaspora currently staying home and some of the representatives of Somaliland in different foreign countries were invited at Grand Hadi Hotel in Hargeisa. The Participants included professional members presently working for various Public and Private Institutions, entrepreneurs, humanitarian and development activists, members of Diaspora Associations Committees, youth and women members from different host countries abroad. The overall purpose of the meeting was strengthen working relations, sharing information and consultations on strategic priorities towards the Somaliland Diaspora Engagement.  

“Today we had a very constructive meeting with members of our Diaspora who are currently in Somaliland. The event was extremely fruitful, and we have discussed important Diaspora policy objectives and strategic priorities. We’ve also discussed how we can collaborate for the continued success of the Diaspora, and their contribution to the national development,” said Director of the Diaspora Department, Mr. Saad Mohamed Abdi

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