Make Property Ownership Certificate

You can make property ownership certificate when you have a FILE, and it is very important document which adds value to the property. Only such certificate is more legally proving ownership or title of the property, and so that valid for using as guarantee or warranty for other worthy value such as loans or other transactions at banks. The process is easier than making a FILE, but still may take weeks or about a month period:

  • Write application to the respective District your house locates;
  • A Geometer will follow you, to make report of it and will complete a related form;
  • Payment SL Shillings 150,000 tax to the District;
  • A Completed Form signed by the District Chairman, the Secretary, and the Geometer will be handed to you;
  • Submit it to the Land Property Office at the Municipal Council. Upon checking, you will be asked personal details: your mother’s name, date of birth, place of birth and two passport size photos;
  • Payment of $126 tax for issuing the Ownership Document;
  • The Certificate with Ownership Acceptance Form and signed by the Director of the Property & Ownerships Office, Head of the Ownerships, and the Executive Secretary, the Mayor, and the owner will be