Register as Health Professional

Procedure for Registration and Licensing of Health Professionals.

The Somaliland National Health Professions Commission is the statuary body with the mandate of regulating health professionals, their education and practice, as well as the facilities where they practice, assess and accredit health training institutions in order to improve quality and standards of the health care system in Somaliland. As a regulatory body, under Act No. 19/2001, NHPC will ensure that health cadres, institutions and health service provision meets standard requirements expected of them in order to provide quality health services to Somaliland citizens, and procedures for registering health professionals are as follows:-

  1. Requirements for Registration of Foreign Trained Health:

    1. Non-Somalilanders who are trained abroad, and
    2. Somalilanders who are trained

– The following documents and requirements should be produced or fulfilled by all foreign trained applicants for verification and/or other purposes during registration process. However, in the absence of original copies, copies certified by a legal Notary or by academic/professional institutions may be acceptable;

  • Degree/Diploma/Certificate from an accredited health training institution;
  • Academic Transcript from an accredited health training institution;
  • Current Certificate of Registration in Country of Origin;
  • Certificate of Good Standing;
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • References from three (3) Professional Associates;
  • References from at least 2 health professional associations/institutions/organizations and/or employer;
  • Evidence confirming Intended Employment/Place of Work/Invitation letter;
  • For Specialists:-Evidence of Postgraduate Training of not less than three (3) years;
  • Two (2) recent Passport size Photographs (the back of the photos should be signed by the recommending institution/employer/association);
  • Completely filled registration Application form;
  • Applicants shall be required to sit for the appropriate Council Examinations before registration (written, clinical or both);
  • Prove of criminal background record;
  • Payment receipt of relevant application fees;
  • All documents written in a language other than English or any other as preferred by the Commission shall be accompanied by a copy of an official translation of the document (to English), which is duly certified by a legal Notary;
  • Applicants are advised to submit the completed forms and accompanying documents at least three (3) months in advance, in order to allow for timely processing of their

2.     Requirements for Registration of Nationally Trained Professionals:

  • Fully completed registration application form;
  • Certified copies of Degree/Diploma/Certificate;
  • Certified copies of Final Academic Transcript;
  • Identity card or a passport;
  • Secondary school certificate;
  • Payment receipt of relevant application fees;
  • 2 Recent Passport size photographs (the back of the photos should be signed by the recommending institution/employer/association);
  • Fulfill the requirements of any other documents as Commission may determine.
  • Two professional references;
  • Internship Certificate and good standing letter from Internship Hospital;
  • Prove of criminal background


  • The applicant is required to produce original academic and professional certificates/transcripts before registration;
  • Requirements for Registration of Nationally Trained Professionals before 1991 are as shown above. However, those who lost copies of their Degree/Diploma/Certificate will go through the current Somaliland Nursing and Midwifery Association (SLNMA) and Somaliland Medical Association (SMA) verification systems;

For further information of health professionals and related regulatory policies and procedures, visit NHPC Website:, or contact Head Office in the compound  of Marodijeh Regional Governor Office (Or Ex-building of Ministry of Interior) in Hargeisa Tell: +252-2-520038 / Phone: +252-63- 4111040, Email: /