Register Business While Abroad

Can I get Commercial License Issued while I am in the Diaspora?.

The Republic of Somaliland is steadily developing and particularly the private sector is making progress and constant growth while there are still huge investment opportunities and mainly untapped natural resources potential. We encourage all those Somalilanders in the Diaspora interested in investing businesses; to have their licenses issued simply with the help of authorized person living in Somaliland or contacting Somaliland Diaspora Office.

A. Authorized Representative.

An authorized person can register a new business on behalf of another person staying outside the country under the following conditions and requirements:-

1.   The Applicant living in the Diaspora should write an Authorization letter either approved by Notary Public or authenticated by Somaliland Mission or Community Association Committee in the Receiving or Host Country for the person he/she is authorizing to do this service on his/her behalf;

2.   All the other requirements and documents (Such as photo, ID etc) are the same as the ordinary process for new business registration and it will licensed with the name of the Applicant/owner and not the authorized representative; 

3.    If the Applicant has not doesn’t have Somaliland National ID and he/she will send his/her foreign passport. However, it is compulsory to MoTIT to verify citizenship of the Applicant as Somalilander. In such cases, the Somaliland Diaspora Office is responsible to verify citizenship of the Applicant and write a confirmation letter to MoTIT if authenticated. In case, the Applicant is not in the Database of the Somaliland Diaspora Office, then correspondence will be made with the Applicant him/herself and sometimes with the Somaliland Diaspora Community Association Committee, the Somaliland Mission and or in the other way it is possible to make sure the Applicant is citizen of Somaliland;

4.   NOTE: for any query of the process, please contact

Somaliland Diaspora Office via 063 4403392 / 063

4081527 or email to

B.  Ask for SLDO to help you make registration and licensing a new business:

The second option you have to get your business license issued while living outside the country is simply by contacting Somaliland Diaspora Office (SLDO) and asking help for making registration and licensing on your behalf. We are only facilitating you in the process of registration and getting license done without charging you for the service, but you will bear the cost of the related license fee. The Ministry of Trade, Industry & Tourism (MoTIT) is expected to establish the Online One- Stop-Shop Registration Process which will make the process easier for the Somaliland Diaspora living abroad.