SLDiaspora Database

Somaliland Diaspora Office (SDO) is established for supporting, coordinating and working with the Diaspora. The Somaliland Diaspora have for decades had important role in the socioeconomic development processes and the political transformation, and they have varying competencies and expertise that benefit the country and can result positive forces of change if it is further capitalized for the homeland development. SLDO’s Database (Kayd Xogeedka Qurba-joogga) aims to support mapping out and profiling of the Somaliland Diaspora capitals, community associations, philanthropists, activists and to pool those who are interested in contributing to their country of origin with skills and investments. The Database is allowing them to register their details onto the SDA Database powered by SDA and Somaliland Government. Powered by Somaliland Diaspora Office under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, it is a platform for the Somalilanders in the Diaspora to register their details onto SLDO’s Database:-

  • Engage: facilitate access to community/professional networks and supporting fellow members of the Diaspora abroad and locally. Exchanging information and giving feedback on government policies, plans and achievements. Encouraging virtual learning environments and discussion forums.
  • Provide skills/Knowledge: encourage professionals and volunteers to work in Somaliland, transferring their skills and knowledge thus reversing the ‘brain-drain’. Diaspora is encouraged to register their experience and professional skills so that their expertise is put to the service of their country of origin.
  • Invest: target Diaspora interested groups in investing in their homeland with viable projects and investments that will improve local economy and which can result developmental impact on the nation with jobs and incomes generated.


The Database was established to register information and professional qualifications of Somaliland Diaspora to contribute to the development of their country of origin, Republic of Somaliland. The Database is aimed to facilitate gathering information and identifying actual profiles and human resources of  Somaliland Diaspora

 Who should register?

All Diaspora of   Somaliland origin living outside the borders of Somaliland or holding second nationality or returned to homeland and willing to contribute to the national development of Somaliland, can register Somaliland Diaspora Database. 

What is the function of the Database?

Received information of the Database will serve as useful tool for Somaliland government, civil society and the private sector as well in terms of Diaspora human resource aspects for national development. The Database will facilitate Somaliland government and cooperating partners to deploy available knowledge and socio-professional resources of the Diaspora.  Stored information in the Database shall be strictly protected and treated in confidential manner.

What benefits can I get from the Database?

When you register in Somaliland Diaspora Database, your personal profile will be facilitated by SDA and Somaliland government according with potential opportunities and professional requirements. You may be contacted for multi project purposes, assignments, job vacancies, entrepreneurship and investment opportunities available in your country of origin.

The Database can help you to connect your country of origin and to network of colleagues in Somaliland Diaspora and government.

Will my privacy be protected?

Of course yes,   your registered profile and contact information will be stored   and kept in strictly confidential manner and you will be able to request to be removed from the Database if you decide by contacting SDA database manager.

 How can I register?

To register, please fill and submit the Database Registration Form