Remarkable Increase of Somaliland Diaspora Contribution in the Public Sector 2010-2016:

Since after the 2nd democratic presidential election of Somaliland in 2010, there has been greater contribution of the Diaspora in many foreign countries which has constituted active participation of the Diaspora in the National Development Plan of Somaliland (2012-2016). They contributed to the infrastructural building projects particularly roads in different regions, building boarding schools, airports, ports and orphanage centers. On the other hand, there increased both individual and cooperative Diaspora groups investing in a variety of businesses – production projects and services including hotels, consultancy firms, schools, colleges, transportation firms etc. Within this period, contribution of the Diaspora to the droughts and emergency support for the drought affected people and other vulnerable segments of the society were greater than ever before.

SLDA was trying to survey the Diaspora contribution particularly that for the public infrastructural building projects and other kind donations for the welfare improvement and accordingly came to know that nearly ten million dollars have been raised by Diaspora groups mostly based in UK for different projects including roads, construction of boarding school in rural areas, medical supplies etc the regions of  Marodijeh, Awdal, Sahil and Togdheer.

UK hosts the largest Somaliland community in Europe and North America and/or half of the Somaliland Diaspora abroad while estimated 150,000 populations. Despite of their contribution to the other sectors, this community enhanced their campaign towards lobbying the UK government and particularly those communities in Sheffield, Cardiff and South Hamlets in London respectively brought the success of the recognition of Somaliland by the local councils of those places. There are other communities in UK, Sweden and elsewhere in Europe who are now pushing the same motions.

On the other hand, there are lot undeniable challenges affecting the contribution and the greater engagement of the Diaspora in the homeland development which include the absence of international recognition, the limited political presence of Somaliland or embassies that would serve the Somaliland nationals abroad.

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