The Diaspora Department holds Zoom Meeting with SL Diaspora Groups consultation on  the Diaspora role during national emergencies. 

The Somaliland Diaspora Department under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International of in collaboration with Hargeisa Cultural Center organized online meeting with members of the Somaliland Diaspora Associations in various countries abroad, some of the leading charitable organizations or philanthropists headed by the Diaspora and had discussion on the necessary role and contribution of the Somaliland Diaspora to the ongoing national campaign against the Pandemic Corona Virus.

Tonight, we had a fascinating online conference event with key Somaliland Diaspora members

from both the public and private sectors. We’ve exchanged valuable information and ideas on the role of our Diaspora during national emergencies and particularly the Pandemic Covid-19.  We are to extend our sincere thanks to the honorable guests who participated in the Zoom Meeting with us namely Cllr. Rakhia, Dr. Abdirahman, Eng. Mohamud Digaale, Amb. Bashir Goth, the leaders of the esteemed World Remit and Amoud Foundation for their valuable contribution. Our special thanks also go to the Hargeisa Cultural Center, who hosted the event and Dr. Jama Muse Jama, who was moderating the discussion,” said Director of the Diaspora Department, Mr. Saad Mohamed Abdi.


Key takeaways from the meeting included:


  1. The participants have acknowledged the great work and contribution that the Diaspora has done during the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. The pioneering role of the World Remit, Amoud Foundation, and SAHA Association were all appreciated;
  2. The Participants have emphasized the importance of planning on how to mobilize and engage with the second/third generations of the Diaspora communities, who are losing their sense of belongingness to Somaliland. If we fail to address this problem, it will harm the follow of remittance.
  3. The Participants have encouraged strengthening of Diaspora associations and community organizations to ensure better engagement with the Somaliland Diaspora abroad.

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